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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: tonight we are tracking the storm. high winds and rain. all around the bay area today. heavy rain battering some areas more than others. we have team coverage tonight. kron 4's jeff bush is live in larkspur. philippe djegal reports from san francisco international airport. but first lets check in with jacqueline for the latest on our weather forecast. >> jacqueline: pam, this rate has not let up showers continuing to push to the bay area. a moderate weather cells pushing through san francisco. even the lightning strikes offshore. that, with the moderate rainfall and heavy rainfall over the golden gate right
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now. some lighter rain over the embarcadero. to zoom in, some heavy near ocean beach and berkeley. lighter rain fall in berkeley but in the north bay, some pockets of heavy rain throughout novado and san rafael. today, nearly two-inches thus far in portions of the north bay or three-inches in santa rosa. a bit of 1 in. in petaluma but by and large not that impressive today. more for today and this system looks stronger >> pam: we continue our storm coverage. and head to the northbay. that's where we find kron 4's jeff bush in larkspur jeff any more rain tonight yet? >> pam, it has been coming in waves into marin county. the conditions are pretty decent but earlier, the wet weather was making it difficult to get around. the rain was falling heavily
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early in the day and by mid morning some mild damage had been done. christmas decorations were left lying on the ground as a result of the downpour and windy conditions. small streams popped up all over the county as the rain came down. gray skys obscured the sun and traffic was reduced to a slow crawl as busy commuters tried to make it back home for the evening. >> it's hard to get around when it rains. i know we need the rain but it is hard to get around. >>reporter: despite the difficulty to get around, those in marin managed to do sojust not as quickly as some may have liked. by nightfall the rain had stopped but the roadway was still covered in water. the wet road could be seen by the headlights of the oncoming traffic. fortunatly, there was no major flooding on the highway. water remained on the roadway of highway 101 but
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the dangerous weather had passed fairly early in the evening. friday's storm left standing water in several places in larkspurlike here, in front of the big five sporting goods store. you can see that the rain was almost to the top of the curb. but, it didn't take much for a passing car to wash over the curb and onto the sidewalk. kron 4's storm coverage continues as philippe djegal gives us that latest on the delays at san francisco's international airport. >> some of these conditions of delays of up to two hours. the entire day and it is oexpected to be here until a least 2:00 a.m. delays spanning all of the airlines because of the low cloud coverage and the wind gusting. that is according to an airport official back right now nearly 100 flights had been cancelled or delayed. they are hoping to get everybody in orde by 2:00 p.m 2:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m.
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>> they said 11:50 and probably at least 1 hours a we are okay. >> how you feel about that? >> it is christmas. we are all here so it is no problem. this is my mother's 85th birthday and we're going to go on a cruise your time is no problem. >> and s f o spokesperson ascended 60 flights a ride in one hour. however, usually, when the weather could impact it is usually only 30 flights arriving in one hour as opposed to 60 flights arriving in one hour, normally. there were hoping to see the " on-time " . th >> this is no fun. airport officials say that if your
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coming, make sure that you check in with your airline and to make sure the flight status before you get here. in san francisco, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. bell ring, ring, ring >> pam: the nation continues to mourn the new town elementary school tragedy -- today, with a moment of silence. people paused. and even websites went dark. to honor the victims of the deadly school shooting in connecticut. it was one week ago today -- a gunman murdered 26 people -- including 20 children -- before taking his own life. still ahead a judge issues a ruling on the controversial "conversion gay therapy" which some specialsts argue, is their right to practice then. members of the house and senate are now home for the holidays. we look at how the president hopes to get a plan of attack on the looming fiscal cliff. plus. massive winter storm pounds the area. we have more of this video
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ahead. as kron 4 news at 11 continues.
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>>pam: after a meeting today with leaders of both political parties. president obama called on congress to quickly come up with a solution. to avoid the fiscal cliff. that is the end- of- the year trigger on tax hikes. and spending cuts. >> in the next few days i've asked leaders of congress to work towards a package that prevents a tax hike on middle class americans, protects unemployment insurance for 2 million americans and lays the groundwork for further work on both and deficit reduction. >>pam: house speaker john boehner failed to gain enough of his party's support for his "plan b". that proposal would have raised taxes only on those americans making more than one million dollars a year. without a deal, steep tax hikes and massive government spending cuts are set to kick in after january first. as the fiscal cliff countdown continues. house and senate members and
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president obama. have all recessed for the christmas holiday. >> the ninth circut court of appeals today blocked a california law which bans the controversial therapy. that aims to turn gay minors. straight. the three judge panel issued an emergency order, to put the law on hold until the court can hear further arguments. the law. which governor jerry brown signed in september, was set to take effect january first. it would make mental health professionals who engage in efforts to change a clients' sexual orientation. subject to discipline by state licensing boards. >> jacqueline: there rainfall continues with the center showers and more for the rest of the week. your complete forecast, coming up. >> coming up the warriors hosting the bobcats and
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>> the first official day of winter isn't until tomorrow. but the blizzard hitting the upper midwest is already creating white-out conditions. video from hazelton, iowa shows the peak of high winds, which are expected to continue overnight. the blizzard conditions
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stretch from nebraska. up through southern wisconsin. forecasters say as much as another foot of wet, heavy snow and strong winds can be expected in many parts of the midwest. >> pam: we are glad that we do not have to deal with that! pala >> jacqueline: i will definitely have to do with that rainfall instead. it has been a bit off and on today and right now moderate pushing through. a bit heavier, overnight. the bay bridge toll plaza the camera lens is wet and also the pavement because of the ongoing showers. the heart of the shower activity and in noticed some lightning strikes near the radar. moderate towards sinophile,
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sausalito. and a san francisco and san rafeal-- with this rainfall will return by 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. that next cold front. for the rest of the day tomorrow moderate until 12- 1:00 p.m. showers for the rest of the evening. sunday, another round of what weather. and a look outside right now the satellite & radar with the showers and another round of rainfall approaching a. this second band is more organized. this will be sweeping through. on futurecast by midnight to. moderate rainfall through santa rosa. by 3:00 a.m., these rain showers to be picking up and by 6:00 a.m., fairly widespread. concord, oakland, hayward and towards redwood city. the north bay is catching a
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bit of a break with moderate rainfall impacting san jose. by 10:00 p.m., livermore, fremont, with a showers filling in behind the system it. that is how it will stay. the leader evening hours will bring us a dry year conditions of the leader evening hours by midnight on sunday. dreyer -- bay-area wide. temperatures? warm air filtering through. tomorrow, some cold air but it temperatures not calling off quite as much. mid upper 50s with a cooling off quite not that much. 50s through in san rafael, daly city. through the sierras, quite a bit of snowfall with that winter storm that went into effect this morning and will continue with. heavy snowfall through the region that saturday, sunday with
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several feet of accumulation. two-feet at the lake level and 5 ft. at the higher elevations. today, we did have this one the storm that was not that bad but sunday, it will be dealing with gusting winds. but the good news is that christmas eve looks a dry and christmas. the rain will however, return christmas night. >> pam: the rain may have slowed some people down today, but those intent on getting their shopping done didn't miss a beat. kron 4's alecia reid has more from san francisco. >> the rain did not stop determined to shoppers same came prepared with umbrellas but some did not seem to water pelting. >> he has the higher cut for get and i do not really bother me. he does have the air cuhair cut -- and this persn
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as ready but this fan >> i cannot have an umbrella but i'm going to get one. >> this person had to purchase their last-minute gifts in the rain. >> i have been the lazy, procrastinating a >> and that down for could be a deterrent for those people that do not want to get their clothes wet or skipping over puddles. >> we thought that it would keep some people away but we got parking and we got a good day. >> it does not bother me we are still enjoying life. >>reporter: if you are waiting for a break it could be a while because it is also looking bleak. kron 4, alecia reed, kron 4better economic news for california today -- unemployment has dropped below the ten -percent. in a new jobs report -- the november jobs rate was nine- point- eight percent. down slightly from october.
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the improvement comes as something as a surprise to many. since leading economists had predicted california's unemployment would remain in the double digits through next year. jason is next with highlights and a sports coming up with the warriors. >> the best way to bring in the new year is always with kron 4 [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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>> welcome back everyone. stephen curry had a career night as the warriors took care of the charlotte
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bobcats mark jackson pushing all the right buttons. and take a look at the third quarter, with curry, the third career double play with 11 assists, and 11 rebounds. currie had a career high with eight three-pointers courtside - he's a bobcats announcer he had a decent game. hosting the lakers to more of their 18-9. >> college hoops - stanford in action tonight against northwestern in evanston illinois mens hoops - stanford/northwestern illinois 2nd half/ 57-52 stanford josh powell with the big slam off the ally-oop 59-52 stanford under 2 minutes left/ 67-64
11:25 pm
stanford northwestern's tre demps. hits the 3-pointer t tie the game 67-67 1:30 left tied at 67 aaron bright makes a 3- pointer of his own to take back the lead for stanford 70-67 5 seconds left 70-68 stanford >> justin smith is being upgraded. he is 50/50 to go. 185 straight games. and pete carroll of the seahawks is also looking for another top of their hot. back-to-back games, scored over 50 points it is the first time it has done in the 62 years. there rookie quarterback, wilson is also playing well and lynch. he is the second leading rusher. and a perfect 6-0 at home it is not lost on that the niners. >> the seahawks are a hot team right now of their
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offense is putting up points. we have to be ready. >> it is an enthusiastic team that plays with a lot of energy and will coach the team. >> we want the division and we want to also know that we have to win this game first and then worry about the second game. >> and as the tradition continues at lambeaug field they were paid a stipend of $10 per hour but most of them probably do this for free. shareholders because it is a publicly held team the a's are staying put for at least the next five years. the owner, lou alves reques an existing extension on his lease at the coliseum. they were
11:27 pm
blocked to move to san jose, for months of the oakland coliseum will be acontinued ho for police tow until five more years to sergio romano hang on for the win straight games title for the niners the a's are staying put for at least the next five years owner lew wolff has asked for a new 5-year lease at the coliseum.their existing upcoming season so that's good news for a's fans who were part of some that would push back until at least 2018 a move to san with the n-h-l season on hold - we bring you minor league hockey at the cow palace.the san francisco bulls hosting the ontario reign that fan is into in his thing in the audience and these young are dancing mario la rameaus final 3-1
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>> ofgabbi douglas has been named the female athlete of the year capture the hearts of americans the swimmer, massee franklin who is going to attend cal came in second. the chairman this, cover of gutle gabrielle douglas the fourth gymnast to to win that great award >> pam: jacqueline? >> jacqueline: we can still see the water on the camera lens over san francisco and continue for this weekend.
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another storm in store but to the good news is that christmas will remain dry. >> pam: have a great holiday into good night. . and a good night
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